Perfumes and other cosmetics commonly utilize Denatured Alcohol, a cost-effective option favored by most beauty companies. However, this process involves adding various harmful chemicals and toxins to the alcohol to render it unfit for consumption, to avoiding paying more and extra taxation.

Denatured Alcohol, also referred to as 'alcohol denat' or 'SD (specially denatured) alcohol', or SD40 on ingredient lists, should be approached with caution. Once sprayed onto your skin, being your biggest organ 64% gets absorbed by your skin straight into your bloodstream, the toxins present in Denatured Alcohol can pose serious health risks and skin irritations.

If an ingredient is simply listed as 'alcohol', it is typically synthetic, which can be moderately to highly toxic. Additionally, synthetic Benzyl Alcohol, often used in perfumes and perfumed products, is deemed moderately hazardous due to its toxicity levels, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG).