About Us


Sophia-Marie Vottari is the Founder and Creative Director of By.Vottari.

2016 was the year that changed my life completely!  Arriving in Australia from Europe at 24 years of age, knowing no-one and not speaking the language, I decided to travel around this beautiful country, learn about it and its people and places, and I totally fell in love with it.

Being so far away from home meant learning a new language, adapting to a whole new culture, and having to make new friends and connections, which led me to new and exciting adventures.  It also opened up opportunities for me to explore my passions!  From an early age, I always knew I wanted to make a difference to people.  And through my travels, and a bit of home sickness, something kept bringing me back to the power of fragrances and scents.  One thing I've always loved about fragrances is that in seconds, they can take you back in time to memories that live in you forever.

And so, my next journey started!  I wanted to be able to gift the power that. fragrance has to evoke these feelings to others, but I wanted it to be kind to the environment and to our bodies and not full of synthetics and chemicals.  So, I created By.Vottari fragrances to take you back on a journey down memory lane.

No boundaries. Inspired by my memories and dreams and the desire to never be average. Independent. I follow my heart and trust my instincts. I hope you love the journey too!

With Love, Sophia-Marie Vottari